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The story as told by an African mum searching for 100% nutrition in a pack

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When I had my first child four years ago, my experience in maternal and child health made me understand that one of the most important decision to make as parents is what we feed our children.

With the knowledge that hidden hunger, which is the lack of vitamins and minerals are typically without symptoms and can lead to irreversible devastating consequences impeding learning, brain development and general well being of children, I began a mission of reading the nutrition panel of every single thing I fed my son.

I spent hours on shopping aisles comparing macro and micronutrient contents and soon discovered that the cereals which were high in nutrients and quality were often imported. This of course impacted on cost and made many mothers opt for other alternatives that are not as nutritious.

Desirous of feeding my baby only meals high in nutrients for his growing age, I did not mind that these imported foods came in unfamiliar flavours like blueberries, raspberries, cinnamons and barley. Lack of local flavour was a small price to pay for excellent nutrition, however, transitioning into locally made food soon became a challenge.

How do you convince a baby whose taste buds are used to unavailable international flavours that our local flavours are awesome too?

That began my foray into baby food manufacturing.

Immediately I had my second child, my research on developing a natural baby cereal, ready to eat- requiring no cooking over the fire, rich in nutrients up to the best international cereals you know (Yes, I said it!) yet local in taste reached it peak.

Three years of research and 128 nutrient optimization tests after, I present to you, our Colourful Giggles cereal made from 100% locally sourced  ingredients, formulated with the African baby in mind, made with love by an African mother and sprinkled with kisses and hugs from our certified Paediatrician and Paediatric Nutritionist.

We are providing your babies with a variety of flavours to allow their taste buds get accustomed to food exploration. We are reducing picky eaters. We are ensuring that mealtimes become happy times and we are busting hidden hunger.

As you explore our website, I urge you to pick up some packs of our highly nutritious baby cereals for your lovelies.

Remember that every child deserves a Giggle.


Every Child Deserves A Giggle.