Earn up to 30% In profit

Our distributors are partners who help us move our vision of nourishing children with healthy, natural and enriching baby food. You can make up to 30% profit on our product by simply becoming one of our distributors under any of our available categories. As a general requirement for all of our categories, our distributors must fulfill the following conditions:


Be an Individual, Firm or Company who can market our products effectively and efficiently.

Good Standing

Must have prior experience marketing or selling goods and commodities within the mother and child care space. Existing engagement which puts you in constant touch with our target market is an advantage.


Must have a location, facility or shop to receive supplies.


Possess a high sense of integrity.

Registered Business

Applicants with company or business name registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) is preferable.

Acceptable Guarantors

Individuals without registration status with the CAC interested in becoming distributors will be required to provide acceptable guarantors.

Registration Form

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The Terms

Submission of form: Interested distributors are expected to fill our online distributors form and submit same via the form provided

Initial Stock Purchasing: All intending distributors must purchase stocks of any quantity as may be required initially, but a minimum quantity order as set by the company is required for exclusive distributorship status.

Payment Terms: 100% payment in advance before any purchase. This requirement may be relaxed and replaced with a gradually expanding credit line after a number purchases as satisfactorily reviewed by the company.

Additional guidance and information is available upon completion of the distributorship form.