Who can eat Colourful Giggles cereals?

Babies from age 6 months to 3 years can eat our cereal. Our baby cereal serves as a unique and healthy source of complementary foods for breastfeeding babies.

Do your cereals contain micronutrients?

Yes, all our cereals provide excellent sources of iron, zinc, calcium and other required vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. Our cereals provide 100% of these essential nutrient per serving and gives your child the 100% advantage.

What are micronutrients?

Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that are vital for healthy development, disease prevention and wellbeing. They cannot be produced by the body and can only be gotten from the diet.

Can micronutrients deficiencies be corrected later in life?

No, even if micronutrients are introduced later in life, the effect of earlier deficiencies cannot be corrected. Children require vitamins and minerals in the right quantities and at the right time to enable them meet up their growth and developmental milestones, a lack of these nutrients before age 2 will irreversibly affect their growth and development.

How do you ensure nutrients are not lost during the process of production?

Our cereals are made using a safe novel method, different from typical drying methods such as ovens or driers. This process helps us ensure the retention of natural nutrients, quality and taste.

What added benefits do I get from buying Colourful Giggles baby cereals?

You get a free sample of a different flavour for every pack of 300g cereal you purchase and have the opportunity to discuss concerns about your baby’s nutrition with our in house child nutritionist.

What is hidden hunger?

Hidden hunger occurs when a child is deficient of essential vitamins and minerals even though they may be gaining weight. The first 2 years of a child’s life is a critical period where their growth and development is negatively affected if they do not have required nutrients in the right quantities.

What are the symptoms of Hidden Hunger?

Hidden hunger has no symptoms. A child can be chubby and gain weight but still be nutrient deficient. Hidden hunger usually manifests as the child grows and is often noticed when the child fails to meet up with their developmental milestones or have slow educational progress.

Are your cereals natural?

Yes. All our cereals are made from 100% natural ingredients with no added preservatives, fillers, salts or sugars.

How much is your baby cereal?

Our 300g baby cereal pack cost N2,000 only. Depending on availability, single serve versions of some of the other flavours may be added on your orders at no cost to you.

How many flavours does your cereal have?

Our cereals come in 6 unique flavours created from locally sourced ingredients and are made up of a mix of grains, legumes, fruits, roots and tree vegetables.

Your baby food has no sugar, how is it sweet and tasty?

Our baby food ingredients are made from an excellent combination of ingredients some of which contain naturally-occurring sugars. This helps to keep the foods tasty and flavor-filled for babies.

How long does Colourful Giggles cereal last after being opened?

Our cereals should be consumed within 14 days of opening a pack.

What is the shelf life of Colourful Giggles cereal?

Our cereal has a shelf life of 12 months.

Do I still need to breastfeed once I start to feed my baby with Colourful Giggles cereals?

Yes, you can continue breastfeeding or continue to give your baby milk in addition to feeding with our cereal. Our cereal is not a replacement for breastmilk or infant formula but serves as a complementary food.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

Our ingredients are locally sourced from Nigerian farmers who meet up with our extremely high quality standards for our raw materials.

How is a natural cereal with no preservatives able to stay on shelf for one year?

Our novel production process helps us lock in essential nutrients while our food grade, eco-friendly packaging which is impervious to moisture, light and microorganisms helps ensure freshenss till consumed.

Are you NAFDAC certified?

Yes we are NAFDAC certified and our products developed to international (FDA) standards.